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Dandelion Fields

Pollen Allergies

Pollen allergies, commonly known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, occur when the immune system overreacts to pollen from trees, grasses, weeds, or flowers. When pollen is inhaled, the immune system mistakenly identifies it as a threat, triggering an allergic reaction. Symptoms of pollen allergies can range from mild to severe and may include:

  1. Sneezing

  2. Runny or stuffy nose

  3. Itchy or watery eyes

  4. Scratchy throat

  5. Coughing

  6. Fatigue


For some individuals, pollen allergies can significantly impact daily life, causing discomfort and affecting productivity, sleep, and overall well-being.

At Maryland Allergy and Asthma Center, our board-certified allergist specializes in diagnosing and treating pollen allergies. Seeking treatment from our expert team offers numerous benefits:

  1. Accurate Diagnosis: Our allergist conducts comprehensive evaluations, including allergy testing, to precisely identify specific pollen triggers unique to each patient.

  2. Personalized Treatment Plans: We tailor treatment plans to each patient's needs, considering the severity of symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. Treatment options may include medication, allergen immunotherapy, and lifestyle modifications.

  3. Allergy Management Strategies: Our allergists guide managing pollen allergies, offering advice on pollen avoidance measures, symptom tracking, and how to cope with seasonal changes.

  4. Long-term Relief: By addressing pollen allergies under the care of our specialists, patients can experience significant relief from symptoms and improve their quality of life, especially during peak pollen seasons.


Managing pollen allergies effectively requires expert guidance and personalized care. Our team is dedicated to helping patients find relief from pollen allergies, enabling them to lead healthier, more comfortable lives. Don't let pollen allergies limit your enjoyment of the seasons—seek specialized care and experience the difference our allergist can make in managing your allergies.

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